basket strainers

The screen is in the form of a Basket with or without a lifting handle for easy removal. Particles or sludge are captured by the perforation or mesh depending on the flow and retained by the screen and can be easily removed for disposal. Basket strainers are intended for applications where large or small amounts of filtration is needed and solid particles expected and where the clean-out will be frequent. Material used is in 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy or mild steel on request. Widespread list of options are available at Screen and Filtertech as we manufacture as per your request or sample and different types of Basket strainers that come in different diameters, lengths, perforation and mesh can be done from small to large quantities.

Features and benefits of Basket Strainers

  • Stable pore shapes
  • High permeability
  • High dirt-holding capacity [longer lifetime]
  • High temperature resistance
  • Strong corrosion capacity
  • Back flushing
  • Size customization

Airpel Baskets:

These range from 1inch, 1.5inch, 2inch up to 6inch. Different sizes, types of perforation and mesh are used to meet your specifications.

Zwicky Baskets:

These are all custom built as well and they come plain or in a pleated configuration. We use any size or type of perforation and mesh from 0.5mm to 10mm holes and these elements can be back washed and re-used.