Stainless steel cartridges are offered in 304 ss and 316 ss and these elements can be plain cylindrical or pleated configuration to increase filtration area. Our sizes start from 5inch to 40inch and from 5 to 800microns upwards.

Plain, Pleated/Bayonet
or pressed end-caps

Hydraulic high pressure Pall Cartridges:
These are our very own specialities; 8300 series, 8500 series, 8900 series 9400 series and 9600 series and are normally supplied from finer mesh [5micron to 400microns] mesh

Witch hat, [Cone filters], Candle Filters and Special Screens:
Cone filters start from 2inch to 24inch flanged or non-flanged in 304ss or 316ss material. Special Screens can be seam welded from 6mm OD x 1 metre long with 5micron mesh up to 400micron without burning the holes.